Dive Course Terms & Conditions

Dive Ski & Surf Supplies Learning Agreement

At Dive Ski & Surf Supplies we offer all levels of PADI dive courses from the fundementals of Open Water to becoming a Dive Master to ensure you obtain the highest standard of diving recognition that is recognised around the world.

Like any form of learning, you’ll need to invest some time into reading and studying and to complete this course. This learning agreement is between you (the student), and DIVE SKI & SURF SUPPLIES PTY LTD (DSS), and outlines the responsibilities and terms and conditions in your training program.

DSS has been certifying safe and competent divers since 1984 and your safety is our utmost importance. We ensure divers not only complete their courses safely but also have the knowledge and experience to move forward into the professional diving industry with confidence.

These terms and conditions are to ensure (the student), is aware of your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the instructor (DSS) and by signing this agreement (ticking the box to have read the terms and conditions when you book online or, sign our course agreement in-store), you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions outlined by (DSS) and agree to commence the dive course with us.

1.0 Student Responsibilities

The student agrees to the following course requirements and responsibilities:

  • All PADI Medical and DSS learning agreement forms must be filled out correctly, signed and emailed back DSS at least two weeks before course commencement. (You must answer YES or NO to all medical questions, you cannot cross, tick or abbreviate)
  • All PADI online and/or physical book theory assessments must be completed before the first day of course commencement (knowledge reviews, quizzes and/or exam where applicable)
  • 100% attendance for the duration of the course and arrive to all sessions at designated times.
  • Follow all course procedures and directions as set forth by the instructor.
  • Must be fit to dive for the duration of the course. i.e. No alcohol or use of other substances are to be used that will inhibit you to dive.

These standards and requirements demonstrate that the diver is confident enough to dive without supervision upon completion of the course.

Please Note:

Non – Participating parties, relatives or partners WILL NOT be allowed to join students on a course at any time unless pre-arranged by the certifying instructor.



2.0 Cancellations & Fees

If the student has failed to complete and turn in assigned work and/or the student fails to arrive on time, it may be necessary for the student to re-sit the class, at a later date. In the event of re-sitting a course, the student will be responsible for any additional costs for the inconvenience this causes. In scheduling and determining additional costs, Dive Ski & Surf Supplies agrees to give every reasonable consideration to unforeseen events, such as family emergencies and/or medical issues (Doctors certificate will be needed). There are some instances where a student will have to incur additional fees, these fees will apply to the following points below and will need to paid before continuing with any course.



  • A $100 Re-booking fee will apply for non-compliance of the responsibilities of the student listed above, which results in the transfer from one course to another.


  • A $100 Re-booking fee will apply when a student needs to reschedule their course for any reason but fails to give at minimum 72 HRS NOTICE in writing to Dive, Ski & Surf Supplies prior to the commencement of the first day of their course.


  • A $100 Re-booking fee will apply where the student removes themselves voluntarily during a course and wishes to be rescheduled at a later date for any reason that is not included in section (4) of terms.


  • If a student removes themselves from a course because a partner, friend or spouse is unable to proceed with the course due to any reason other than failing a diving medical DSS MUST be notified no less than 1 week prior to course commencement, if not the student/s will incur a $100 rescheduling fee.


  • Should a student begin a course with DSS and for any medical reason needs to pull out during the said course. They will ONLY be refunded $150.00 upon presentation of a dive specific doctors’ medical certificate stating they are unfit to continue diving for the foreseen future.


  • In the event the student fails to meet the pool assessments and is required to re sit the assessment on another day, the student will be charged an additional $25.00 in pool fees.


  • All online PADI E-learning including knowledge reviews, quizzes & exams MUST be completed before the first morning of the course or you will not be allowed to commence. This will lead to us having to reschedule your course to a later date and the student incurring a $100 rescheduling fee.

3.0 Refund Policy

For any student to be eligible for a full refund, you must supply Dive Ski & Surf Supplies with a certified dive specific doctors’ certificate stating you are permanently unfit to dive PRIOR to course commencement as well as not having completed the online PADI E-learning registration and/or returned appropriate study material unused . IF THE STUDENT/S E-LEARNING CODE HAS BEEN REDEEMED AND/OR THE STUDENTS STUDY MATERIAL HAS BEEN USED OR NOT RETURNED THE STUDENT WILL BE REFUNDED ALL EXCEPT $150

 No refunds will be given for any course purchased and not used within 12 months from the time of purchase.

4.0 Dive Ski & Surf Supplies & Instructor Responsiblities:

The instructor and staff agree to:

  • Begin the course as scheduled
  • Assist the student through all learning challenges.
  • In the event where the dive course has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. weather conditions, courses will be rescheduled at no additional cost to the student.

Dive Ski & Surf Supplies endeavors to pass all students who participate in our dive courses. Therefore, where a student is unable to meet the standards and requirements outlined above, we will offer additional training to the student to help him/her complete their course, until either;

  1. a) The student masters the course objectives
  2. b) The student voluntarily discontinues the course (The student will NOT be eligible for a refund)

Additional and assessments may incur additional fees, referred in SECTION 2.

Upon booking a course online and by ticking the box you are legally signing this agreement and you (the student) agrees that they have read all the terms and conditions outlined above and are committing to commence a dive course with Dive Ski & Surf Supplies PTY LTD.

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