Dive Rottnest Island

Discover why Rottnest is Perth's most popular diving destination, showcasing Perth's most pristine waters and marine parks.

Dive Rottnest with Dive Ski Surf

Explore the pristine waters off Rottnest Island with Dive Ski & Surf, Dive Charters and marvel at the spectacular sea-life, aquatic landscape and limestone structures of Perth's top diving destinations.

Our Rottnest Dive Charters offer divers and snorkelers a chance to experience the island's best kept secrets beneath the surface. The turquoise-crystal-clear-waters are one of the most unique ecosystems in the southern hemisphere, home to an abundance of tropical and temperate sea life, coral reefs, limestone caverns and giant swim through's like no other along the mainland.

This patch of paradise is made possible by one of the most remarkable ocean currents in the southern hemisphere The Leeuwin Current, where tropical waters mix with cooler temperate currents and a variety of life flourishes. READ MORE

Soak it all in over an onboard buffet lunch, fully catered to your tastes, whether you're vegetarian, vegan or require specific needs, we cater for everyone.

Charters head out Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays.
* Other days are available for specialty dives (Night Dives & Shark Cave) Please enquire for more details.

Charter availability

Leave weekly from Thursday through to Sunday Please contact us for dates

Explore one of the southern hemisphere's most unique ecosystems.

Dive includes

  • Two Dives around the Rottnest Island
  • Morning Tea & Buffet Lunch
  • 1 x Air Tank *2nd Tank Required

*Required to Dive

Equipment Options


2 x Boat Dives: 1 x tank
(*Must bring own diving equipment & 1x Air Tank)
2 x Boat Dives: 2 x tanks
(Must bring own diving equipment)
2 x Boat Dives: 2 x tanks
(Must bring all other diving equipment) *includes: weight belt
2 x Boat Dives: 2 x tanks
(Must bring own: mask, wetsuit, fins) Includes: Regulator, Comp, BCD
2 x Boat Dives & Full Kit: 2 x Tanks
Includes All Equipment Required
Dive Master / Instructor Guide$350


Snorkeler with Equipment:
Includes: Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Wetsuit & Weight Belt
(No Hire Equipment)
Charter Passenger:

*If you have your own dive gear and only need to hire some items, please see our complete hire price list for details.

Charter includes a double dive, morning tea & buffet lunch

Times and breakdown

  • Arrive at the shop for 7:30am to sort out any hire gear. When arriving at the shop make be sure to pull into the loading bay (Yellow cross hatching) directly in front of the shop. This is to avoid paying parking and to make it easier for you to load up the gear.
  • Once we have all your gear sorted and packed you will then head to the boat which leaves from the refuelling jetty in the fishing boat harbour. (Located off Mews Rd in Fremantle just past Kailis Fish Market). All day parking is available across the road from the departure point.
  • Arrival back into Fremantle approx 3.30PM.
  • Choose your preference

    None, vegetarian, Vegan

Buffet Lunch

Two meals is included with your dive charter as well as refreshments. Once onboard, morning tea is served along with tea and coffee. Following your first dive lunch is served, a delicious buffet offering a smorgasbord food to satisfy all tastes. Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan or require other dietary options, we cater something  for everyone. Please make sure select your preference in our online booking form.

Surrounded by pristine marine parks.


For cancellations, we require notice 48hrs prior to the charter date or you will be charged in full for the charter. This also applies to late arrival times and if you miss the scheduled departure of the charter boat, so please make sure you arrive at least 30mins before. If a charter is cancelled for any reason by Dive Ski & Surf, you will have the option to either be refunded or re-schedule the charter for a future date.

Rottnest is just 19kms
from Fremantle

What makes Rottnest Diving unique?

Situated 19kms off the coast of Fremantle, Rottnest Island has had the unique opportunity of being isolated from the mainland for thousands of years, creating an opportunity for it's own unique species of flora, fauna and marine life to thrive, which can only found around the island.

Rating only second to Shark Bay, Rottnest has twenty different species of coral and nine different species of seagrasses, home to over 400 species of fish; making it one of the most diverse temperate marine ecosystems in Western Australia.

Even though Rottnest Island sits within a temperate region, it's other unique quality is being nestled in the Leeuwin Current.


Rottnest is home to over twenty different
species of coral

The Leeuwin Current

A southerly flowing current that runs from the northern tropics of Western Australia from Cape Leeuwin, down along the south coast of western Australia, bringing with it warm waters and migrational sea life.

The Leeuwin's warmer waters bring an abundance of temperate and sub-tropical marine marine life, making it one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the South West.


The Leeuwin Current brings an adbundance of marine life

What you can see

Throughout the year numerous species of marine life can be seen off the island including the Western Australian dhufish, baldchin groper, harlequin fish, cobbler, flathead, leatherjacket, samson fish, tailor, butterfly fish, moon wrasse, blue devil and migratory fish such as marlin and tuna as well as Humback Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, New Zealand Fur Seals, Australian Sea Lions and Green Sea Turtle.


Over a hundred and thirty species of tropical fish