Perth’s Ocean Rubbish Bin: A Success

Western Australia’s first ocean rubbish collector called the Seabin is being trialed at Port Coogee boat marina. The Seabin was created by Perth locals Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, who were alarmed at the amount of plastics that were accumulating in our oceans and decided to come up with a way to suck up rubbish and floating debris.

Seabin debris
Ocean debris collected by Seabin, photo from ABC News

Andrew and Pete funded and created their prototype through a crowdfunding campaign back in 2015 and The City of Cockburn was the fist to purchase and trial one in Western Australia.

The bin is able to capture 20kgs of rubbish and is the size of a regular bin, which allows it to be easily placed around the marina.

A small team from Cockburn’s waste department is recording the data from the collections and so far the bin has been a great success in cleaning micro debris from the marina. The city’s waste education officer, Nicki Ledger said the bin collected around 3kgs of rubbish within 24 hours and has captured dozens of different plastic wastes including cigarette buds, styrofoam balls and plastic bags which is great news as that is rubbish that won’t be eaten by marine life within the marina which causes big problems across the globe.

Although the device is small, this is an inspiring move in the right direction to litigating the plastic waste in oceans. Now we just have to stop using disposable plastics altogether.