Uepi Island trip 2019

You are on a small tropical island perched on the edge of the longest lagoon in the world, accommodated in a relaxed and comfortable resort, effortlessly absorbing the natural wonder and character of this authentic and exciting part of the Pacific.

As you arrived at this remote but accessible destination the everyday demands and pressures of modern living simply faded away, overwhelmed by your awareness of a beautiful and natural world, that is Uepi.
And you need share this unique experience of paradise with relatively few other people. Six bungalows, two units and two guest rooms offer clean and comfortable accommodation with a twenty six bed maximum capacity.

The accommodation is generously spaced amongst colourful tropical gardens ensuring that all guests can enjoy privacy and intimacy, complimented by easy social interaction with a small group of people.

The deliciously healthy resort meals are based around fresh local seafood and organically grown fruits and vegetables, prepared by talented local chefs.

Uepi Island Resort, so remote that it might never be discovered by the rest of the world, but it will always be remembered by those who have experienced its hospitality and beauty.

To find out more please contact the shop on 9336 4355 or Email info@diveskisurf.com

Shark Shield extends rebate in WA

Are you wanting to take advantage of the winter waves but concerned about the recent increase in shark sightings? Well we had a bit of good news coming through 
The state government has been given approval to continue the rebate on FREEDOM7 shark deterrent devices from Ocean Guardian (formerly Shark Shield).
They've also been able to add the FREEDOM+Surf to the list of approved devices as well.
So for all you folks who like a few waves when you're not diving, pop into the shop to take full advantage of the rebate of this proven shark deterrent measure.

State Government rebate

Crayfishing season extended

Awesome news this morning for everyone that loves a feed of crays!!

Make sure to pop into the shop for all your Crayfishing needs gauges, loops, torches whatever it is, we've got you covered 🤙

Western Australian fishers can now catch lobsters all year round

Western Australians can now enjoy fishing for rock lobster all year round, bringing the recreational fishery in line with commercial operations.

The year-round extension of recreational rock lobster fishing south of North West Cape, near Exmouth, has been made possible with the successful fisheries management of this highly valued fishery.

Susannah’s Shark Dive for Breast Cancer Care WA

We are proud to be helping Susannah as she embarks on her journey to help raise money to fight breast cancer.

Facing her ultimate fear of sharks, we are helping her achieve her goal by supporting her to complete her Open Water Certification, so she can swim with the sharks at AQWA to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Research.

You can show your support and help Susannah at her donation page: donate.grassrootz.com/breastcancerwa/iga-purple-bra-day-2018/susannahs-shark-swim

Susannah's Shark Swim

Would you swim with sharks? I would and this is why.

I love the ocean but thought swimming in it was one of the greatest risks in my life. Anxiety and the sinister undertones of the Jaws music accompanied each stroke. I took steps I thought reduced risk: swimming parallel to the shore with others around, avoiding so-called ‘sharky days’, grazing my knuckles in the shallows.

How wrong could I have been in my assessment of risk and my knowledge of fear? In September 2016, I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer that invaded my lymph nodes from my breast. My life was under threat from the undetected cancer within, not the sharks in the Indian Ocean. The greatest risk I had ever taken was inattention to my own body. As a mother of school-age children I felt too busy to start the breast-screening open to Australian women from age 40. If only I had diverted some of the time and energy I spent worrying about sharks to monitoring my own health.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer was like being hit by a tsunami. First the ocean retreated towards the horizon, as I realised my future would never be the same, then, the wave hit when treatment began.

I could not have confronted my fears, kept swimming and survived without the support offered by Breast Cancer Care WA. This vital organisation works locally to keep breast cancer sufferers and their supporters afloat. From financial assistance, to the medical knowledge of breast care nurses, the advice of specialist counsellors and the peer support groups they convene, Breast Cancer Care WA’s services are a vital complement to the treatment and research of medical experts.

Breast Cancer Care WA helps me find the joy in my life despite cancer. For me, nothing is more uplifting than swimming in the ocean: “the best medicine no money can buy”. Ocean swimming dissolves stress and helps my body and mind regain vigour. Whilst swimming I forget my cancer fears and celebrate living with the Indian Ocean close by. Now its time for me to face my fear of those whose habitat I love and share. I will swim with sharks at AQWA to raise funds for Purple Bra Day 2018 and awareness of the relative risks of cancer and sharks. Help me to help Breast Cancer Care WA by sponsoring me to swim with sharks at AQWA on Wednesday June 20.