Duel El Nino’s could cause Major droughts and bushfires this summer.

The Burea of Meteorology issued a warning yesterday that it is three times more likely that Australia will be effected by two major weather patterns this year, El Nino and a positive Indian Ocean Dipole bringing hotter dryer weather that has historically lead to droughts and major bushfires in the East of Australia.

Temperatures are expected to rise above average and less rainfall will fall throughout the country, especially in the northern tropics and in the East, as fewer cyclones populate due to the weather patterns.

What this means for Australian residents is there will be hotter, dryer days this spring and summer, less rainfall across the country, an increase in the risk of major bushfires and droughts especially in the East of Australia.


During El Nino warm water in central Pacific develops causing low pressure air system in East Pacific and a high pressure in the West. Basically, rain is drawn away from Australia, having significant changes on weather patterns.

A positive Indian Ocean Dipole is a Nino when western Indian Ocean becomes alternately warmer and then colder than the eastern part of the ocean and increases the likelihood of drought-causing weather, more-so in the East.


According to study by Ummenhofer et al. at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Climate Change Research Centre, every major drought since 1889 has coincided with a positive Indian Ocean Dipole, with recent major droughts lasting between 12-14 years. This raises concerns about how climate change will effect future weather patterns and the flow-on effect that will have on Australia.


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