Advanced Open Water Dive Course Perth

Advance your skills as a diver so you can dive deeper, learn underwater navigation and dive at night.

PADI dive courses

Become an Advanced Diver with Dive Ski Surf

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is your opportunity to complete a range of different specialties and take your diving to the next level.

You will cover Night dive, Deep dive, Navigation, Wreck dive, Fish ID, Boat Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search and Recovery.

Up Coming Advanced Open Water Course Dates

Sat 6th – Sun 7th APRIL With HMAS Swan Shipwreck Sat 27th – Sun 28th APRIL With HMAS Swan Shipwreck For other dates please enquire.

Course Includes

  • Tuition
  • All study material/ Workbooks
  • Deluxe Dive Planning Slate
  • Wall Certificate on Completion
  • 2 Boat Dives off Rottnest Island
  • 3 Shore Dives (Includes 1 night dive)
  • BCD, Regulator & Tanks


  • Open Water Certification
  • Over 15yrs of Age

Learn your Advanced Open Water course while diving HMAS Swan!

  • $50 extra

    Learn and dive the HMAS Swan wreck.

*Core Equipment Required for course*

Dive Slate

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Dive Slate

A dive slate is an erasable sheet or board that can be used with a standard lead pencil that will stay on the surface under and above the water until you remove it, making a dive slate a handy way to record information underwater for later review.

Dive Safety Sausage

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Dive Safety Sausage

A safety sausage is an inflatable buoy used when the diver is at the surface to indicate the diver's position to the dive boat, reducing the risk of losing contact when air, light or sea conditions decrease the visibility of the divers from the boat.

Dive Torch

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Dive torches have a place on every single dive, from looking at critters in dark crevices, signalling a buddy on a night dive or lighting up that wreck you've always wanted to dive. There's a torch for every occasion 

Dive Knife

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Dive Knife

A dive knife is a general tool that can help divers in a wide range of situations and is a must have for any diver. It can help in a variety of situations from freeing entangled fishing line or debris away from marine life or structures, to emergencies where quick-release action is required.

Take your course to the next level and learn your Advanced Open Water course on the HMAS Swan wreck.


Dive HMAS Swan

*If you have any of the items required, please notify us and prices will be adjusted accordingly.